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Biodiversity Audit is an exercise in ecological information gathering used by clients who want “to know what they have got” on their site or sites. Sometimes, this entails a detailed review of a single site, used to inform the writing of a site management plan.

Often, the client is a local authority wanting a strategic review of their green spaces, leading on to a review of their nature conservation site designations (Local Wildlife Sites, County Wildlife Sites, Sites of Biological Importance and so on) or local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP). We see GIS as key to this kind of spatial mapping and strategy project.

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Biodiversity | Case Studies

Case Study 1 >>

Derbyshire Quarries – Longcliffe Quarries

Peak Ecology has carried out biodiversity audits of a number of Derbyshire mineral extraction sites including High Peak, Bone Mill, Hoe Grange and Brassington Moor (Ryder Point) quarries on behalf of Longcliffe Quarries Ltd. Working with the client, we established a Biodiversity Steering Group including representatives of a number of wildlife and conservation stakeholder groups, and went on to produce QBAPS (Quarry Biodiversity Action Plans) and management plans for each site, an overall company BAP and an ongoing monitoring programme.

Case Study 2 >>

West Park – Long Eaton – Erewash Council

Peak Ecology was commissioned to carry out a biodiversity audit of this large urban park in Nottingham on a limited time budget. To do so, we carried out a Phase 1 Habitat Survey to produce an overview habitats plan, and then botanical species lists for each habitat type and cumulatively for the site. To this, we added an assessment of mature trees and buildings for their potential to support roosting bats, a list of all the birds seen and heard during the survey and produced a list of day-active invertebrates such as butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees. This is a useful way of helping a client gain a ‘snapshot’ of biodiversity interest on site for a limited budget.