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Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) is an important job on any development site. It requires a good all round knowledge of ecology, the potential issues that can arise on a construction site and what to do about it when they do!

Whatever the project, the Clerk of Works must be a people person. He/she must be able to communicate effectively at all levels whether it is to the driver of an excavator, the project manager or statutory consultees. This often means attending regular meetings and involves problem solving and troubleshooting. Other duties include monitoring and management of the sensitive habitats and species on site as well as drainage and water/silt management and instructing contractors using toolbox talks.

At Peak Ecology we have personnel with a wide range of experience in this field, from small to large projects, particularly forestry operations and on linear projects such as high pressure gas pipelines. We are regularly called out on smaller projects to manage issues as they arise, for example, if a protected species is found on site. Conversely larger projects are undertaken which may involve extended periods of monitoring and management.

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Clerk of Works | Case Study

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High Pressure Gas Pipeline

Peak Ecology was involved in several high pressure gas pipelines in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset in 2011. Spreads of varying widths through hedgerows, woodlands and other habitats were surveyed for protected species including bats, badgers, reptiles and nesting birds prior to cutting through. Advice was given to contractors and exclusion zones around nesting birds were put in place where necessary.