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Requests for assessment under either the BREEAM or Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) schemes are rapidly increasing, as developers seek to build ‘green’ buildings and ratings under one of these schemes is commonly required as part of planning conditions imposed by the local authority or as a condition of funding.

Peak Ecology has an increasing number of staff able to fulfil the requirements for a Suitably Qualified Ecologist under the BREEAM/CSH schemes and are undertaking ever increasing numbers of this type of survey.

We can offer a full site survey and report in relation to the Land Use and Ecology credits for both BREEAM and CSH.
The first stage is for us to carry out a site visit prior to any site works. The survey involves a detailed botanical assessment and habitat classification. Full protected species surveys must also be undertaken, if necessary, at an appropriate time of year. This could include, for example, dusk and dawn bat activity surveys to determine whether demolition of an existing building will affect bats, or great crested newt surveys of ponds on site that will be impacted by the work.

Following the necessary site surveys, the proposed scheme is assessed against the criteria for the BREEAM Land Use and Ecology or CSH Ecology credits. This involves coordination with the landscape architects, as the planting scheme heavily influences the amount of credits that can be gained; the site should show a post-development improvement in the number of native botanical species per square metre, in order to qualify for the maximum number of credits.

Peak Ecology Ltd is experienced in working with the architects, landscape architects and project managers to achieve the required number of credits under these schemes. We have been involved in the BREEAM assessment process on a number of different types of development, including two new schools in Tamworth and two hotel developments in Glasgow. We have also worked with a consortium of local businesses to assist in the design and build of an exemplary new residential development in the East Midlands, rated as Excellent under the CSH.

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BREEAM | Case Study

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Hotel Development in Glasgow – BREEAM Land Use & Ecology

Peak Ecology has been working on a proposed hotel development site in Glasgow, which is required to achieve the rating of ‘very good’ under the BREEAM scheme.

The site was previously an area of scrub and grassland, where the developer proposed to construct a large hotel, with additional car parking and some landscaping.

Peak Ecology began by carrying out an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and a detailed botanical species’ list at the site.
The existing botanical species list was compared with the proposed site landscaping and suggestions were made to the client in order to improve the number of credits gained under the Land Use and Ecology section, in order to ensure that they meet the overall BREEAM target.

Peak Ecology has been in close contact with the developer, the BREEAM assessor and the Landscape Architect for this project and are currently awaiting the outcome of the final BREEAM assessor’s report.