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Preparation of Habitat Management or Conservation Management Plans is an area where our Technical Director, Carol Crawford, has particular expertise.

She has prepared them for nature reserves, SSSIs, golf courses, woodlands and other habitats. Often such a plan is required for retained habitats on a development site as part of the planning conditions. Management plans typically consist of:

  • Site Description and Evaluation
  • Maps showing habitats, management compartments etc.
  • Discussion of Management Issues
  • Management Aims and Objectives
  • Prescriptions or Actions
  • Work Program with timetable

Management  plans are typically prepared for a 5 year period, then reviewed and updated. Shorter management statements can be prepared if there is only a small area or one type of retained habitat on a site. That statement would typically state its interest and include a management schedule.

Peak Ecology can also organise contractors to carry out the management works and oversee this process.

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Habitat Management | Case Study

Case Study 1 >>

Turnberry Golf Course, Ayrshire

A environmental  management plan is being prepared for the three Turnberry Golf Courses in Ayrshire.
During this project Carol Crawford worked closely with the golf course manager.  The plan will include other environmental subjects such as waste and water management in an integrated document. For the ecological section, audits have been undertaken for plant communities of roughs and out-of-play areas, breeding birds and lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) and management recommendations prepared. Actual management will be largely carried out in-house by the green staff at Turnberry.