Protected Species | Other Wildlife Overview

Protected species surveys are often a requirement for planning applications due to their protection in the UK or Europe.

For example, if a proposal involves a timber-framed building or traditional farm building, a bat survey and barn owl survey will often be requested. If there are ponds in the vicinity of a development, great crested newt surveys may need to be carried out. Peak Ecology specialise in protected species surveys and have a team of licensed ecologists at hand. We can offer general protected species ‘walkover surveys’ as well as species-specific surveys, which may be undertaken if the results of an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey suggests a protected species may be present.

European Protected Species (EPS) are protected by the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010, and in most cases a licence is required to survey for them. Peak Ecology staff are highly experienced at protected species surveys and hold survey licences for bats, great crested newt, dormouse, crayfish, sand lizard and otter. Our offices in Derbyshire and Strathclyde mean we are perfectly positioned to serve the majority of England, Scotland and Wales.

Where there is likely to be impact upon a European protected species, a licence from the relevant Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (SNCO) may be required.

Other species protected by UK law or with UK BAP Priority status may also require surveys and these include reptiles, water vole, badger, birds, aquatic invertebrates, moths, butterflies and other terrestrial invertebrates. We have ecologists based in Scotland that specialise in Scottish mammal surveys including pine marten, wild cat and red squirrel.

Protected species surveys can only be carried out at certain times of year, when the animals are active.

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